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The greater job opportunities and the best services offered to citizens are some of the causes of the ever greater population of large cities, where, however, the space for green areas is running out.

Urban agriculture

The desire for healthy eating and physical well-being increases enormously in the coming years. However, the possibility of growing fruit and vegetables in the city is very limited.


Some of the unused areas in the city are the rooftops. These areas can be used to grow fruit and vegetables but are often difficult to access areas. Drones can overcome this limit and carry out the sowing and maintenance of the vegetable garden, under the control of the user through the use of the specific app.

Urban agriculture
on our roofs

Through the app, the user experiences the experience of managing his own garden. Drones can plant fruit and vegetables on the roof independently after screening to find the right place for growth. Irrigation, fertilization and maintenance are also activities that the drone deals with.


Control via App

What, when and how
can be controlled
via the app.



All the work
will come run



Users can observe horticulture and are informed when the time is right for harvesting.



All routines are automated and are performed by drones.

Solar panels

Drones recharge automatically through solar panels on the roofs.

Social Share

If the vegetables cannot be harvested, they can be sold automatically.

My Garden

In "My garden" the user finds information on everything he has planted, in detail, he cannot notice the state of growth and the percentage of completion.

Data analysis

All data are stored in the "Data view" where the user can understand how the harvesting processes have developed. The user can toggle between an annual, monthly and daily view.


To prevent food waste, the user is always offered a list of recipes suitable for the harvest of the day. If other ingredients are needed, the user can buy them from another user or order them through the app. The recipes adapt to the user's food needs.

One tool, in particular, has elevated the potential of precision agriculture to new heights: the drone.

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